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Eric Johnson’s Bio

Born in Decatur, Illinois in 1960, I don’t ever remember not loving music. I don’t remember not singing. Shuffling through my parents LPs, listening to the soundtrack from Camelot, or The Letterman, and their ilk was my early musical education. I grew up singing in the church youth choir my mother directed in grade school. By the time I was in high school I was accomplished enough to sing in advanced choirs and compete at the state level. After graduating high school I cut my teeth on rock ‘n’ roll with a band called “Spectrum”. Also in high school, I received my first guitar. I think I knew four chords when I wrote my first song. I’ve progressed to the point where I try to bring a vibrant flare to more traditional songwriting standards.

A quick glance into my catalogue of will reveal over 300 original pieces of musical composition. Currently I’m also playing guitar, singing and playing harmonica with the 23 N. Blues Band as well as performing solo date in support of my new CD “It Can’t Get Any Better”.

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"For My Friends" by Eric J
From the Album Perpetual Notion