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"In all the years I’ve been mastering, I haven't seen a more interesting and innovative product."

Bob Dennis

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Eric Johnson Eric J Music

Welcome To Eric J Music

Combining performing, sound engineering and production are sometimes difficult to master. Eric Johnson, also known throughout the Great Lakes region as EricJ, and owner of Maple Hill Studio, strives to coalesce these skills into a powerful and effective package. Possessing the timeless sound of award-winning, Americana-infused melodies and powerful vocal and instrumental abilities, EricJ brings to life the dreams and musical anecdotes formed through a lifetime of creative musings. A gifted artist and consummate, detail-oriented producer and engineer, his professional accomplishments amount to a growing portfolio of quality releases; a solid songwriter with the talent and accrued experience to excel in both the performance and business aspects of the music industry.

As one of the region’s most prolific and creative performers, new projects are always in the works. For detailed information on EricJ read his bio, view and preview all songs and discography, read the latest news and updates, view the upcoming performance schedule, or get in touch here.

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"Off The Hook" by Eric J
From the Album Perpetual Notion