Born in Decatur, Illinois in 1960, I don’t ever remember not loving music. I don’t remember not singing. Shuffling through my parents LPs, listening to the soundtrack from Camelot, or The Letterman, and their ilk was my early musical education. I grew up singing in the church youth choir my mother directed in grade school. By the time I was in high school I was accomplished enough to sing in advanced choirs and compete at the state level. After graduating high school I cut my teeth on rock ‘n’ roll with a band called “Spectrum”. Also in high school, I received my first guitar. I think I knew four chords when I wrote my first song. I’ve progressed to the point where I try to bring a vibrant flare to more traditional songwriting standards.

As an adult God spoke into my heart that I am a psalmist, meaning, songwriter. So thats what I do all the time. I love it and am so blessed to be able to make Music From Maple Hill.

Maple Hill Studio is my current base of operations where I record my own material and provide audio/video services for customers from a wide variety of genres of music.

Eric Johnson

Having written well over 400 original compositions, I have been able to release four CDs starting in 2010 with the release of the instrumental project, perpetualNotion. This release has been described as “an eclectic montage of Americana influences.”

This was followed by 2015s It Cant Get Any Better, a collection of songs written over an eight year period. This project also reflects a wide range of styles and influences.

December 2016 saw the release of two CDs. These are the first of a series of projects which will each be more genre specific. Uhuh is a jazz/rock fusion(probably a little more on the rock side!) release featuring the drumming of Donny Brown who also co-wrote two of the songs. Jeff Walikangas and Rick Armstrong lay down the bass. Local jazz players Michael George and Jacob Wisenbach provide sax and trumpet respectively while Ryan Cooper provide some tasty keyboard work.  My guitar is the focus here and I do my best to deliver some melodic stylings.

My hard rock roots are unearthed with the release of UglyAsin, a six song EP featuring two bonus tracks recorded in 1993 on 8-track cassette. Dont let that fool you. These song rock! However the focus here are the four new original compositions which feature me delivering my best hard rock vocals. I fronted several metal bands back in the day. Current Uglyasin guitarist Jeff Black is the recording engineer as well as providing guitar and bass for the 1993 tracks.

I was also recently nominated by “The Review”  magazine, In a reader poll, Best Male Blues Vocalist” This is an award I was honored with the 2016 winners trophy in last years competition.

Contact me:  if you have any questions or would like to book me for an event you’re promoting.  In the meantime I’ll keep making Music From Maple Hill.