Released as Eric Johnson:

UglyASin-Aggressive hard rock with Eric delivering authentic lyrics that will make you think.

2016 UglyASin is a collection of songs that represent the true headbanger in me! This project consists of four current originals and two from a demo done in 1993. That bands name was UglyASin. To me the connection was obvious.
This is a real “band” project with the drums handled primarily by Nate Place and the bottom held down by the great Andy Reed.
Jeff Black and Mike Stillwagon carry most of the rhythm, as well as some hot solos, with me covering some guitar and all the vocals.
This aggressive style of music is one of my true musical loves! I hope you enjoy!

Uhuh-An exciting Jazz/Rock fusion experience featuring the guitar of EricJ

2016  Exciting and modern progressive instrumental jazz. Rich harmonies.Traditional instrumentation including trumpet, saxophone, organ and a lot of guitar. This project couldn’t have been completed without the assistance of Donny Brown who played drums on five tracks and also provided invaluable production assistance.
Some great local players gelled into this rockin and grooving 40 minute journey!

It Cant Get Any Better-Very rootsy, very heartfelt, genuine Americana rock and roll

It Can't Get Any Better
2015 This is an interesting collection of songs from a “creative origin” perspective. A large portion of this project has been stewing for most of the last eight years. A few of the songs are new and fresh. And a couple of old ones have been injected with new life thanks to my incredible musician friends, Andy Reed, Donny Brown and Jeff Black. Thank you guys, for your recent contributions to this project which have been the final catalyst to bring this production to a close.

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perpetualNotion -Americana hybrid instrumental

Perpetual Notion CD Cover

2010 First release. Full length instrumental project currently with over 900,000 tracks having been streamed around the world  since its release. Available now! perpetualNotion, a full length instrumental release filled with soothing passages, yet balanced by energetic movements.
Pop this in your player and go for a journey through an eclectic montage of Americana influences.
Acoustic guitar, mountain dulcimer and harmonica are just a few of the instruments featured on this lush production!


Summer Dance


Instrumental EP with demos


Produced, engineer, or performed on:

Donald Benjamin Reborn
– five song EP

-producer, engineer, mixed, mastered

-played dobro, background vocals

Monique Ella Rose

-Don’t Panic, Just Breathe the single

-producer, engineer, mixed, mastered

The Chase Engle Band

– Michigan the single


Joannah Lodico

-In Darkness Let Me Dwell: A Concert Of Renaissance Music

-live recording engineer