It Can’t Get Any Better

All songs written by Eric Johnson © except as noted.
2015 ericjmusic/BMI
All rights reserved 2015 ericjmusic ©
3073 E. Maple Hill Court, Midland, MI 48642

It Can't Get Any Better Credits

Special Thanks
To my wife Chris. Whom I love!
To Andy Reed for the nuggets of creativity and inspiration.
To James Ecker, for invaluable assistance and support
To Bill Morgan who believed in me from the beginning
To my CCC family, and all of my brothers and sisters in choir, I love you all. An extra special thanks to Pastor Leon for his leadership and for contributing his formidable talents on that sweet Hammond B3.

I lay this project at the feet of
Yeshua Hamashiah, for it is He who gave it to me

This is an interesting collection of songs from a “creative origin” perspective. A large portion of this project has been stewing for most of the last eight years. A few of the songs are new and fresh. And a couple of old ones have been injected with new life thanks to my incredible musician friends, Andy Reed, Donny Brown and Jeff Black. Thank you guys, for your recent contributions to this project which have been the final catalyst to bring this production to a close.

  • Produced by Eric Johnson
  • Recorded at Maple Hill studio, Midland Michigan
  • Additional tracking done at Schellenberg studio, Livonia Michigan
  • Engineered by Eric Johnson
  • Vocals and Andy’s contributions recorded and engineered by Andy Reed at Reed Recording Company, Bay City Michigan
  • *(I recorded my e-bow and electric guitar for “the ghost insecure” and acoustic guitar for “lips so sweet” as well as the harmonica and guitar for “One Guitar” at RRC)
  • Engineered by Andy Reed
  • Donny Brown’s drums recorded at Hess Street Studio, Lansing Michigan
  • Engineered by Donny Brown
  • Mixed by Andy Reed and Eric Johnson at Reed Recording Company
  • Mastered by Andy Reed at Reed Recording Company
  • Art Direction by Eric Johnson
  • CD layout by Bill Morgan at iLV2cre8
  • Front cover photo by Shannon Johnson
  • Photo of Eric performing by Brian Simmermacher
  • All other photos by Eric Johnson

All songs written by Eric Johnson except as noted

Lips So Sweet
Drums – Donny Brown
Bass, electric guitars, mellotron,  – Andy Reed
Vocals, acoustic guitar, dobro – Eric Johnson

Heal Me
Drums – Ty Keyser
Organ, BGV- Andy Reed
Vocals, bass, electric guitars – Eric Johnson

Down To The Hole
Drums – Alex Doer
Bass – Jim Bozeman
Vocals – Andy Reed
Vocals, mountain dulcimer, guitar, harmonica, organ – Eric Johnson

Time Stands Still
Drums – Donny Brown
Bass, guitars – Jeff Black
Guitars, Organ, – Andy Reed
Vocals – Eric Johnson

One By One
Written by Eric Johnson, Chris Johnson
Drums – Evan Profant
Vocals, bass, guitars, harmonica, organ – Eric Johnson

One Guitar
Written by Willie Nile
Drums – Donny Brown
Bass, electric guitar, organ, background vocals – Andy Reed
Vocals, acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar, harmonica – Eric Johnson

The Ballad Of St. David
Drums – Ty Keyser
Organ, background vocals – Andy Reed
Vocals, bass, guitars, harmonica  – Eric Johnson

I Would Not Survive
Written by Eric Johnson, Shannon Johnson
Drums – Donny Brown
Bass, electric guitars, background vocals – Andy Reed
Vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, organ – Eric Johnson

Drums – Evan Profant
Bass, acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro, mountain dulcimer, harmonica – Eric Johnson

Free As Air
Drums – Alex Doer
Bass – Jim Bozeman
Lead Guitar – Gary Valentine
Banjo – Greg Wilson
Hammond B3 organ – Leon Beaudin
Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica– Eric Johnson
Background vocals – Andy Reed

The Ghost Insecure
Drums – Evan Profant
Background vocals, looping – Andy Reed
Vocals, bass, banjo, electric guitar, e-bow, programming– Eric Johnson

The Devils Cradle
Drums – Alex Doer
Bass – Jim Bozeman
Nylon string guitar, mandolin – Robert Wilcox
Lead guitar – Evan Profant
Vocals, harmonica – Eric Johnson
Organ, background vocals – Andy Reed

It Cant Get Any Better
Drums – Ty Keyser
Vocals, bass, guitars, banjo, programming – Eric Johnson